Founding Principles our founding principle is that regardless of the level of observance of Jewish people in our community, Chabad Dingley is their home.

Chabad Dingley has successfully provided Jewish educational in an innovative setting where everyone is and feels welcome.  We set out to create a positive Jewish experience for everyone and in a relatively short time, we have achieved it.

Chabad Centre: 
There's a palpable warmth in our synagogue services that melts away any reluctance or embarrassment for those unfamiliar or new to communal prayer. Everyone is at home in a family atmosphere that makes our services a delightful experience.

Growth. Connection.

Two little words that symbolise what Chabad of Dingley stands for. Two big words that tell you what's so special.

Many people, with different affiliations and at all levels of observance come to learn and worship at Chabad. They all have one thing in common – they are on a journey of growth – personal, intellectual, emotional and religious. They want to expand their Jewish horizons and increase their knowledge of Judaism. 

Our Rabbi the wonderfully warm, gentle, humorous and humbly persistent, Rabbi Mendel Haller, is a world class scholar who urges everyone onward and upward on the teachings of Chassidism and the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn.

One more Torah class; try out a mitzvah; explore your roots; take one step further on the path of Judaism and tomorrow maybe another. What, when, how much and how fast, is up to you! But keep on growing by taking a step forward.

Like a plant we all need warmth to grow and Chabad Dingley provides that warmth in a friendly, caring environment – come visit and see for yourself!

Chabad is committed to creating an inclusive community both spiritually and physically. If you or a family member require an accommodation to participate, please let us know!